Sunday Brunch: Event at a glance

Here is the event at glance:

11am-1130am– opening and welcome (Movember Canada and Black Daddies Club)

Panel a- 11:30am-12:30pm

  1. Panel topic: What are some things to consider if you want to grow your therapy practice? How does Innovation play a role in your therapy practice?
  1. Kareem Perez, Toronto, Co-Moderator -(Toronto)
  2. Antonio J. Wheeler Jr.,(Panelist) – (Chicago)
  3. Vidoll Regisford, RP, (Panelists)- (Toronto)
  4. Dr. Shane Joseph  DSW, MSW, RSW, MBA, (Panelist)- (Toronto)
  5. Dr. Ryan C.T. DeLapp, PhD-Panelists – (New York)
  6. Mandii Brown, M.S., LPC-MHSP, NCC; Certified Life Coach-Panelists -(Tennessee) 
  7. Rohan Thompson, (Panelists)- (Toronto)

Panel b- 12:45pm- 1:45pm

b) Panel: What are some innovative strategies to consider when working with Black men and Black boys? 

  1. David Lewis-Peart, HSC, MES, MSW(Co-Moderator)- – (Toronto)
  2. Barbara Ukwuegbu, Kids Helpline  (Panelist) – (Toronto)
  3. Abdifatah Hussein, Co-founder of Hidaayah House (Panelist) – (Toronto)
  4. Vakeesan Mahalingam, T- (Panelist) – (Toronto)
  5. Matilda Kissi, AccFM (Panelists) – (Toronto)
  6. Mara Clark – Family Lawyer (Panelists) – (Toronto)
  7. Chef Nonhlanhla Moroenyane ( Chef Noni)- (Panelists) – (Johanessberg, South Africa) 
  8. Cat B (Panelist) – (New York )

C) Conversation Cafe and networking led By Brandon Hay – 1:50pm- 230pm

Event ends at 2:30pm