Sunday Dinner: Therapeutic Conversations for Black men (August 2024 registration now open)

What: Sunday Dinner: Therapeutic Conversation Series for Black men

Topic: As a Black Man, how do you navigate loneliness? As a Black man, Do you feel alone?

Hybrid (in-person and virtual)

When: Sunday, August 11th, 2024 (3pm-6pm)

Where: Movember Canada, Toronto, 588 Richmond Street West, Toronto,

Cost: Free with registration (food included with registration – for those who show up in person)

Why: Black Daddies Club co- presents Sunday Dinners, is a quarterly in-person therapeutic conversation series with Black men from Canada and around the African diaspora. The purpose of the Sunday Dinner gatherings is for Black men to have conversations with other Black men from various entry points to explore our similarities and differences as Black men. This conversation series is for Black men who identify as cis-gendered, heterosexual, trans-men, gay, bi-sexual, mixed race, living with a disability or non-binary Black men, etc.; as long as you identify as a Black man the Sunday Dinners space is for you.

Register below for online or in-person attendance – in- person– virtual