When is a good time for families to talk about life insurance?

At Black Daddies Club, we are seeing a devastating trend of families not planning for the unexpected, and to be honest, we know we are all going to die one day, so why isnt some of us putting more emphasis into the planning of our transition into the next realm. Why do we feel it is acceptable to go to Go-Fund me or other crowd sourcing platforms to raise money for a funeral. The aim here is not to judge folks, who can not afford a funeral as they are expensive, the aim here rather is to start having a plan for death and other situations so that our loved ones are not left with the baggage of financial responsibilities as well as the grieving of their loved ones.

Life Insurance is a financial tool that helps protect what we have, the wealth we are going to build and our family’s financial future. We will discuss the different types and their purposes and how we can use it to build wealth, reduce our chances of going into debt and leave a financial legacy to our families. We will debunk the many myths surrounding insurance.

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