Black Families Un-Conference officially at capacity for both weekends; A waiting list has begun for the events

Thank you for your interest in the Black Families Un-Conference. Please note due to high interest from families in Toronto, we have reached capacity for both October (28th-30th) and November (4th-6th) dates. We have begun a waiting list for those who are interested and we strongly recommend that you register, as we will be drawing from this list should families drop out or if additional spots/ or dates are made available.

Register link below for the Black Families Un-Conference:

Much love and gratitude to all those individuals who have shared this initiative with your networks and to the families who have already registered for these events.

This overwhelming positive response speaks to the need for Black and Racialized families to connect with each other and create positive memories together in green spaces in Canada.

Many thanks to this Black Families Un-Conference partners Justice Fund, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and Tim Hortons Camp, this opportunity for the countless families signed up would not be possible without your partnering with the Black Daddies Club to make this happen.

For all the families who have registered, a one page document will be sent to you after the deadline for The Black Families Un-Conference (October 13th, 2022 at 4pm). The one pager will include more details for your preparation for the Black Families Un-conference.