Co-parenting Life And Your Parenting Right Access

About this Event

Power imbalance is a concern we might feel in our relationship. That our gender or financial circumstances has impacted our parental right.

Join us as we discuss two individual’s point of view who have had to venture in single parenting, co-parenting and finding that balance in their relationship.

If you feel that your right as a parent has been taken away and you have not had the opportunity to have equal parenting time or unable to be part of your child decision makings this workshop will help you find your rights and see others who have struggled just like you.

Topic:  Coparenting Life And Your Parenting Right Access
When:  Tuesday, Feburary 25 at 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM EDT
Where: Online Zoom Event

About Your Speakers:

Brandon Hay is the founder of the Black Daddies Club and consultant which brings over 15 years of experience working in Canada and internationally with a background in strong mobilizing, leadership and facilitation skills. Brandon has been recognized for his work in the community by winning the African Canadian Achievement awards of Excellence (ACAA) for parenting in 2011 and the Black Business & Professional association (BBPA)- Distinguished Man of Honor Award in 2010.

Rose Morsh is the founder of InventiveMinds Child, Youth and Family Support Centre a not-for-profit organization, which is licensed under the Ministry of Education and OAFM (In process).

Inventiveminds provides Family Law Mediation Services, Private Inspired Montessori School, Early Years Childcare (Montessori), Parent and Youth Support therapy, community services for new moms. Parenting courses related to children Aid Services and Mediation, Separation, and Divorce.

Adam B. Staviss has worked with thousands of students around the world to guide them on a journey of self-discovery and personal development through music. While teaching students to master an instrument, Adam incorporates his unique methods to encourage early childhood development and improve communication, stress management, relationships and family dynamics. Through his professional development training and assessment, he helps adolescents, teens and young adults with growth and development planning and goal setting.

Through his one-on-one and family seminars, he guides participants in developing skills and strategies useful in the various scenarios and challenges life can bring with a positive outlook.

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Sunday Dinners February 2022: How Has Fear impacted you as Black men?

As a Black man at the age of 42, recently I have been thinking about the ways fear has shown up in my life and sometimes how these fears keep me from the type of connection that I yearn, whether the connection is with other Black men in authentic friendships, connection with women in platonic and or romantic relationships, but most importantly asking the question how does these fears keep me from truly connecting with myself in ways that offer true growth and moving me away from stagnation.

This month of February Sunday Dinner will be looking at the fear that Black men experience and what are the impacts of these fears. It was suggested by another Black father that we use the Kendrick Lamar, song Fear, in which Kendrick raps about the fears he felt at various ages in his life and I have decided to use this topic of fear between the ages 7, 17, 27 and 37 as the theme for this upcoming Sunday Dinner, taking place on Sunday, February, 27th 2022 from 5pm to 8pm (Est.)

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What is Sunday Dinner

Black Daddies Club co-presents Sunday Dinners is an online conversation series, that is held once a month on Sundays, from 5pm to 8pm (eastern time) and will take place on the zoom platform. The idea behind the virtual series is the intersections of food, conversations, and healing. The importance of gathering as Black people for Sunday Dinners resonates with many African and Black people from across the diaspora. The purpose of the Sunday Dinner gatherings is for Black men to have cross border conversations with other Black men from various entry points to explore our similarities and differences as Black men. Using large rooms and breakout rooms on the zoom platform we will have conversations about strategies and learnings for Black men navigating Anti-Black racism in the territories that they live. This online conversation series is for Black men who identify as cis-gendered, heterosexual, trans-men, gay, bi-sexual, mixed race, living with a disability or non-binary Black men; as long as you identify as a Black man the Sunday Dinner space is for you.