ARE YOU BEING GENTLE WITH YOUR MENTAL Podcast, speaks to Black Daddies Club about the importance of spaces for Black men Men

Are you Gentle with your Mental Podcast hosted by Jessthabess based in California, USA. with guest Brandon Hay, Founder of the Black Daddies Club based in Toronto, Canada.

In April 20, 2021, I was invited on the “Are You Being Gentle with Your Mental? podcast hosted and founded by Jessthebess who is based in California, United States. The conversation spoke about Black Daddies Club and the importance of co-creating dialogical spaces with Black men and Black fathers to congregate and support each other in our healings.

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It is clear now more than ever that we need to check in with ourselves and each other. We are facing new challenges daily. So let’s take a mindful moment and dive deep with Mindfulness Coach Jessthabess as she keeps it real through storytelling of experiences & knowledge gained from her journey. This podcast will feature local and national influencers to share their experiences to provide insight and inspire others. Stay connected with us on IG @_jessbeu and send any questions you might want her to answer at jbujessicab@gmail.

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