Two dope fathers, Decreasing their Children’s Isolation During the Covid-19 Pandemic, with a Great Initiative

The Black Daddies Club would like to celebrate and highlight two Black fathers (Nick Waddell and Kareem Williams) who are doing some amazing work, not just raising their own children, but they are also giving an opportunity for other Black fathers to do the same. The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging in people being able to stay connected with loved ones, some of us adults have taken the opportunity to connect with our friends for social distance walks, coffee dates in parks, etc. However, our children have fewer opportunities to stay connected with their friends, and these two Black fathers Kareem and Nick decided to start an initiative working with their daughters that would help remedy this, they decided to co-create Kids Point of View Books “Dual School project”, please read below

When 2 Black fathers (Nick Waddell and Kareem Williams) realized that their daughters were experiencing feelings of sadness as the pandemic separated them, they came up with the idea of working with them to capture it in a story. “Dual School” was their creation. The book focuses on two young girls (Imani and Sofia) who are best friends, but are torn apart by the pandemic. Imani participates in online school while Sofia is in class learning. The big takeaway from this book is how the two girls manage to navigate through feelings of social isolation to keep their friendship alive. The book has been written, has an illustrator assigned and is currently being professionally edited. We are working on it becoming self published, which means that we will be financially backing the project entirely on our own. There will be a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months with the hopes of getting some of the costs covered. We have also connected with community agencies about having our daughters connect with other children to share their feelings about the pandemic using the book as a piece to open the dialogue.

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