Black Daddies Club Celebrates its 14th year anniversary with Sunday Dinners initiative

Black Daddies Club celebrates its 14th year anniversary with Sunday Dinners, virtual conversations for Black men.

The Black Daddies Club co- presents Sunday Dinners, a monthly virtual conversation with Black men from around North America, and other continents, who represent various entry points into Blackness and masculinities, to speak about their hope as Black men and about where they are currently emotionally and mentally.

Sunday Dinners is online conversation series, that is held once a month on Sundays, from 3pm to 5pm (eastern time) and will take place on the zoom platform. The idea behind the virtual series is the intersections of food, conversations, and healing. The importance of gathering as Black people for Sunday Dinners resonates with many African and Black people from across the diaspora. The purpose of the Sunday Dinner gatherings is for Black men to have cross border conversations with other Black men from various entry points to explore our similarities and differences as Black men.

This online conversation series is for Black men who identify as Cis-Gendered, Trans men, or Non-binary and across sexualities Bi-sexual, Gay, Straight & Queer.

Email, If you are interested in registering.

14 Years & Still Learning

The past 14 years has been an extraordinary journey with myself at the helm of Black Daddies Club, with various ups and downs, but more importantly a lot of learning from various people. Throughout this journey, one of the things that has been consistent for the organization is the importance of creating spaces for Black men, where there are the possibilities of going deeper with each other. The other learning that I want to make mention will be the importance of time, patience and giving the space for emergence to happen. What I mean by this, is the growth that BDC has undergone over these 14 years has not been a linear one and our growth has sometimes feel slow but in retrospect has yielded some fantastic relationships and innovative approaches to community building, where if we had rushed our process in an attempt to become a “legitimate non-profit”, we might have missed some of the beautiful nuances that has made the process of our growth important as a grassroots movement.

2020, has been a little different in the ways that we are able to gather with each other, we went from gathering in physical spaces such as barbershops, to gathering in virtual spaces such as Zoom. This act of gathering is important especially during this pandemic where isolation and loneliness has been prevalent for a lot of people. This isolation and even depression has been the case for a lot Black men that I have come into contact with over this past year, who have mentioned that due to the lack of spaces to emote during the pandemic, they have tried numbing their feelings in various ways that do not honor their process and growth. 

BDC is grateful for all the community partners, volunteers, participants, and friendships that have been created over the past 14 years.

In Solidarity,

Brandon Hay, MES

Founder of The Black Daddies Club