University of Toronto and Black Daddies Club, collaborate for Black Like Us: Parenting from a Black Father Lens

Black Daddies Club founder, Brandon Hay. Will be working with the Family Cares office at the University of Toronto to deliver a special workshop to engage Black students and Black administrators at the University, entitled Black Like Us: Parenting from a Black Father Lens.

Join us for a discussion on what it means to teach our Black children about self-love during a time of discrimination and hate.

This session will take place on Monday November 9th 2020, from 1pm to 2:30pm and is only available to University of Toronto students and administrators, for more information or to register contact

Black Men Speak Up Series & Forum

Black Daddies Club founder Brandon Hay, will be a guest on the Black Men Speak Up Series & Forum that is hosted Karen Carrington, the series will also be supported by Therapist Shane Joseph of New Journey Consulting inc. The series is hosted by Roots Community Services (, and funded through the United Way. According to Shane Joseph, “the importance of these series is that there is a recognition for the need for brave spaces for Black men to talk about some of the challenges that they have to navigate through the varied examples of Anti-Black racism and the space is also helpful to alleviate some of the isolation that has come with the Covid-19 pandemic, there is also an importance of creating these spaces for dialogue through collaboration”, which is one of the reason the Black Daddies Club will be supporting this series.

To find out more information about these series, please contact, 647-846-9434 or office 905-455-6789 ext.123

To rsvp for the event that will feature Brandon Hay, Founder of Black Daddies Club, taking place on October 28th, 7:30pm (eastern time), please click the link– 

Learning Pods for Black Families in Toronto survey

Learning Pods mean different things to different people. For some, it’s the game plan, for others, it’s a backup plan. Some will opt for Distance Learning Pods, some for School at Home Pods, some seek full time, others only supplementary, and others yet seek virtual or social pods. Whatever your family needs, you should feel empowered to attain.

Learning Pods are often designed by a group of parents who share resources. They tend to be fairly small in size, and people have leaned on this model for a variety of reasons. Due to the pandemic, those parents that have immuno-compromised children or family members are gravitating to this model including, others that have children who need to learn in a smaller environment. Some pods will follow the online school curriculum, and others will create or use their own. Learning Pods Canada is a Facebook platform that connects parents, teachers and others interested in forming their own pods. All costs are negotiated between the parents and the educational provider. In some cases, parents will do the teaching themselves and operate it more like a co-operative. You can learn more about learning pods here:

This survey is anonymous and confidential. The information gathered here will help determine if there is a need/desire for this educational model for black families.

Please take the following survey, your feedback is greatly appreciated

The survey was created by a group of concerns Black parents organizations based in the Greater Toronto Area, more info below:

Black Moms Connection (BMC) is an online global village and non-profit organization providing culturally relevant tools and resources to empower and educate the Black mother and her family. By Increasing the social, emotional, financial and well-being of the Black family–we will positively impact that Black community and the world at large.

Parents of Black Children (PoBC) is an advocacy group formed to support and address issues related to the success of Black students within schools. The group started as a collective of parents from York Region, but offers support and advice to families across the province of Ontario. We are working to ensure that our Black children can meet their full potential and achieve success in their educational outcomes.

The Black Daddies Club (BDC) is social grassroots organization, which creates a spaces for Black fathers, their families and Black communities in Toronto. The main goals of the organization are to change the image of the “absent Black father” that is prevalent in the media and to support Black men through collective discussion decreasing the isolation and increasing co-learning amongst these men.