Thank you to everyone that came out to the Breaking Bread Brunch session in April, and a special thanks to Kyla Farmer and Sarah Beech who facilitated the session — so much rich dialogue and learning came out of the discussion.

As we prepare for next Breaking Bread Brunch session, we want to inform you that the date has been changed from May 29th and will now be held on Sunday, June 26 th, 2016 due to some scheduling issues. With the exception of May, we will continue to hold our brunches on the last Sunday of every month.

June’s brunch will be talking about “Creating Black Spaces” in our community. The inspiration behind this upcoming session comes from conversations I had with various Black people in our community: whether they are either mixed race and are finding it challenging to navigate Black spaces where they feel comfortable bringing all of their identities to that space; Black LGBTQI folks from our community who share the same sentiments; or myself as a straight, cis-gender Black man with my own challenges when it comes to finding spaces where I feel comfortable being authentic and vulnerable in the way I am able to perform my Black masculinity.

We are looking to connect with folks with people who are already doing this work around creating spaces for our community, but we’re also inviting folks who simply want to know the answers to these questions — or are asking themselves. Here are some questions that we would like you to think about for when you come to the Breaking Bread Brunch this month:

“Why do so many Black LGBTQI folks feel pushed out of the neighborhoods and communities they grew up in?” (Quote from Dr. Lance McCready)

“How do we create spaces/ communities where we can bring all of us, and not just some parts of us?” (Quote from Syrus Marcus Ware)

“How do we leverage our light-skin privilege while negotiating how our Blackness is always contested? ( Quote from Mosa McNeilly, MES)

Looking forward to seeing you all Ujima House, 1901 Weston Road, Unit 18, on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 from 1pm to 4pm. For those who can’t make it, the session will be available virtually on the Zoom platform (see the links below).

1pm to 2pm

2pm to 3pm

3pm to 4pm