BDC partners with Caribbean Tales : short film challenge


Black Daddies Club (BDC) is delighted to announce its partnership with the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival (CTFF) for the short film challenge based on the theme, “Black Love Matters.” Starting April 24th, 2016, this online campaign, led by the hashtag #BlackLoveMatters, will run until November 2017.

The videos from the campaign will be screened at CTFF 2016 and 2017 and theme for CTFF 2016 is “Caribbean Love.” The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness for Black Daddies Club’s 10-year anniversary event, entitled Black Love Matters: 2017 Un-Conference that will bring together people who are active in their community and advocating for positive change. The Un-Conference will also provide a platform for discussions around the topic of “Black Love Matters.”

This partnership was inspired in part by the Black Daddies Club’s co-produced documentary Black Men Loving, directed by Ella Cooper, that was shown at CTFF 2015. The documentary won, “Best Canadian Film.” Both BDC and CTFF are excited to see what narratives will emerge from the online campaign #BlackLoveMatters and how the campaign will open up a space to share stories from Canada, the Caribbean region and wider the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. 

Questions to answer for the challenge:

  • What does Black Love mean to you or Why is Black Love important to you?


  • 60 seconds – 5 minutes
  • Original content that will debut as a world premiere (cannot be published anywhere else)
  • Creators can come from any level of experience
  • Minimal equipment is needed to create these films. A smart-phone is a perfectly acceptable option — the videos are being evaluated primarily on content and originality, not technical quality. Artistry and skill are a plus
  • All genres are accepted
  • The goal of these challenges is to tell authentic stories with nuance and honesty. These films should be for, by, and about our own communities

Please post your videos with the hashtag #BlackLoveMatters and mention @BlkDaddiesClub. Join the movement built on love.