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Black Family Matters

Apart of the Black Love Matters Un-conference, Black Daddies Club will be hosting a summer series called Black Family Matters, apart of these series will be our yearly summer hikes. The Black Daddies Club summer hikes will be a series of hikes that takes place one sunday a month for the Months of June (25th), July (23rd) and August (13th), 2017. The purpose of these hikes are for Black Families to gather at Glen Rouge conservation park (Scarborough/ Pickering border) Sunday morning’s starting at 10AM to 2pm, and spending the early part of the day, walking and discussing topics as a group. Some of the goals of the hikes is to create community at basic level, but on a deeper level, these hikes are about reconnecting with the land and having our children as well adults reconnect with what it means to learn from nature.

The process of the hikes, we gather at 10am at the base camp, near the parking lot. We then form a circle, and speak about the walking agreements of the hikes, such as walking in pairs, not littering, staying clear of poison ivy (staying on the trail), be safe. Each month there will be a topic posed at the beginning at the hikes, and people will speak about these topics during the hikes and at the end of the hike we will speak about the learnings from the hikes, both lessons from the conversations and nature.

People have to engage with three different people throughout the duration of these hikes, this promotes the idea of people speaking with new individuals and getting to know knew people.

What: Black Daddies Club annual Family and Friends Hike

Venue: 7450 Kingston Rd, Scarborough


  • Sunday June 25th, 2017/ 10am to 2pm

  • Sunday July 23rd, 2017/ 10am to 2pm

  • Sunday, August 13th, 2017 (last hike)/  10am to 2pm

Cost: Free, bring snacks and water for yourself and family

Dates and topics for the hikes:

  • Sunday June 25th, 2017

Here are some of the potential questions that we will take up on the hike this week:

    • ( what are three things you have done, or said to someone to show them that you appreciate them and what are three things someone have done or said to you that showed you that they appreciated you?)

    • ( What does love mean to you? What have you done today to take care of yourself?)

    • Grandparents did you treat your grandchildren differently than your own children?

    • How important are your parents in your life, how different do you think your life would be if your parents were not in it?

    • What part does your grand parent play in your life

    • Do you feel that they love or treat you differently than your parents

  • Sunday July 23rd, 2017

Here are some of the potential questions that we will take up on the hike this week: 

    • (Topic: Share an experience when you felt a lot of courage

      • Share a story of when u felt really confident and positive about yourself

  • Sunday, August 13th, 2017 (last hike)

Here are some of the potential questions that we will take up on the hike this week:

    • Topic: What kinds of things would you like to know about adulthood?”

    •  “what questions would you ask your younger self or a child/youth?”

These hikes are open to people of all genders, race and religious background, however the premise of these hikes are on the importance of the Black families, Black community at large gathering and claiming space to have dialogue together. With that being said, we also see the importance of other cultures being apart of these walks, so that there can be mutual learning and sharing in the process of these walks.

A Jamaica Mi Come From

Apart of the Black Daddies Club, Black Love Matters 2017 Un-Conference, we will be introducing “A Jamaica Mi Come From” jam series, the purpose of this event is to raise funds for Black Daddies Club, to ensure that we are able to continue to do community based initiatives.

A Jamaica Mi Come from is a cultural series celebrating the Jamaican diaspora through various disciplines in arts and culture. In July 2017, we will be having the first ever session of “A Jamaica Mi Come From”, where participants will be exposed to Reggae music  that comes from Jamaica. These musical selections will be spun by various DJ’s from Greater Toronto Area (GTA), these DJ’s will be exploring various eras of reggae, moving from Ska to Dancehall. The night will also feature Toronto based fashion designers who also have roots in Jamaica, and their designs capture the mix of what it means to be African-Jamaicans living in Canada.

The event will take place at Handlebar in kensington Market, located on Augusta, on Saturday, July 1st, 2017(Canada Day), from 9pm to 2am

Cost of this event is a sliding rate starting at $10

Secrets of A Black Boy & Black Daddies Club


We are super excited to announce that, Secrets of A Black Boy, Black Daddies Club and Black Love Matters 2017 Un-Conference workshop course at York University partners to bring this dope play and important panel discussion around The Politics of Gender and Blackness in the Greater Toronto Area. To Theatre Passe Murialle on Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

This event is open to the public, you can purchase your tickets here PURCHASE TICKET INFO

Arts Box Office | 416.504.7529

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TAIBU Community Health Centre and Black Daddies Club

TAIBU Community Health Centre and Black Daddies Club is partnering to get the word out for the Black Men Health Challenge. This TAIBU led initiative is a great opportunity for Black men, fathers, grandparents, etc. to come out and network with each other but also get healthy together and building a stronger community in the process.

For more information please contact Estella
Tel: 416-644-3539 ext. 224


Piece Of Mind Festival and Black Daddies Club

Piece Of Mind Theatre has partnered with Black Daddies Club to offer tickets to their upcoming theatre festival. We will be giving away tickets to Black Daddies Club members and their children to see the play.


Venue: Palmerson Library from
Dates of festival: October 11-16th

For more information please visit their website at and on facebook  FB:

If you are interested, send an email to info@blackdaddiesclub for more information

Bad Boy Reunion Show ticket giveaway at Black Daddies Club Family and Friends Picnic

2016-09-02_01-49-14Black Daddies Club is excited to announce that one of our community partners Kids Upfront Toronto have shown support to this years Family and Friends Picnic in a major way.

Through their support we will be giving away some tickets for a private Black Daddies Club suite at Air Canada Center onTuesday, September 6th for the Bad Boy Reunion tour, these tickets will be won be  some lucky parent or guardian and their children (age appropriate, 14 and older) during Black Daddies Club Family and Friends Picnic at Petticoat Creek Park in Pickering taking place on Sunday, September 4th, from 1pm to 7pm.


Shuttle bus info for Family and Friends Picnic on September 4th in Pickering

We are super excited to build with you all this Sunday, September 4th for Black Daddies Club annual Family and Friends Picnic at Petticoat Creek Park in Pickering. It is our pleasure to announce that one our community partner’s the City of Toronto has provided two 48 seat shuttle buses to ensure that this event is accessible to community members across the Greater Toronto Area.

There is a bus that will be dedicated for community members living in Toronto west, this bus will be making stops at Jane and Finch Mall and Lawrence West Mall (across from Lawrence West Subway Station). There will also be a bus dedicated for community members living in Toronto east, this bus will be making stops at Scarborough Town Center Mall, Malvern Town Center Mall, and Kingston and Galloway.

If you are interested in taking this free shuttle service it is important that you RVSP with Darlene before Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 so that we can ensure that everyone is able to attend the picnic.


Thing to remember:

This event is a potluck, but you can also purchase food at the picnic from one of our food vendors.

There is a general admission fee to get into Petticoat Creek Park due to fact it is a provincial park, non of this fee will go to Black Daddies Club, but rather to Ontario conversation, this cost is mandatory to all patrons entering the park. There is also afee to get into pool and splash pad area, children must be accompanied into this area with an adult.

Park Admission
Adult (15 +) $6.50
Senior (60 +) $5.50
Children (14 and under), with their family FREE

Pool Admission
Per Person (2 years +) $4.75
Per Person with TRCA Parks Membership $2.75
Under 2 Years FREE

The theme of the picnic this year is “How can we support Black children and their parents living in the Greater Toronto Area?“, there will be a discussion taking place at the picnic as one of the many activities that will be taking place on September 4th, between 12pm to 7pm. We look forward to sharing space with you all, from grandparents to grandchildren and everyone in between.

Black Daddies Club annual Family and Friends Picnic


The end of summer is fast approaching. [insert sad face here]

…but before the sun gives way to the cold and snow, let’s get together for some rest, relaxation and reasoning with family and friends!

On Sunday, September 4th at Petticoat Creek Park in Pickering, the Black Daddies Club (BDC) will be hosting our annual Family and Friends Picnic. This event will be a part of the Breaking Bread series that will culminate in our 10thanniversary co-created initiative entitled the Black Love Matters 2017 Un-Conference. Spread throughout 2017, the Un-Conference will be held at venues across the Greater Toronto Area.

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