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We are Black Fathers: Gone but never forgotten

Shamere Gentles was an extremely proud and loving father of 3 incredible children. There are few people in life that leave a lasting impression on you — the father in these photos was always charismatic, charming, uplifting and positive. He always had a smile on his face, motivating words and a humble attitude. We, his family, promise to always make sure his children know how much he loved them. Gone, but never forgotten. Happy Father’s Day, Shamere. 

We are Black Fathers: I am their Superman

Photo above: Eldean Ivri with his three children

I am a son, brother, nephew, uncle, husband and father. I am a financial advisor, consultant and public speaker. I have been licensed to provide insurance and investment solutions for over 15 years. However, I specialize in increasing cash flow for my professional and business clients. I increase cash flow by decreasing personal income tax liabilities, drafting schedules to retire debt obligations faster and by offering a proprietary investment solution that provides an above average rate of return with lower risk. Ideal for retirees and investors that are “parking” their money.

We are Black Fathers: Inspiration

Above photo: Stephen Linton with his children Khaleya and Tait

Stephen is a husband and Father to two beautiful black children Khaleya and Tait. He enjoys spending time with his family and visiting new places. Stephen works for the City of Toronto where oversees the Street Outreach team. His children inspire him to make the world a better place for them to live, work and play in.

Black Daddies Club presents ‘We are Black Fathers’ Campaign

Above photo: Chevy Eugene (Phd Candidate) and his older daughter Julissa

Above photo: Chevy with his younger daughter Frantz.

We are Black Fathers is an online campaign that Black Daddies Club is doing leading up to Father’s Day to celebrate the Black fathers and Black men who are out there making a difference in the lives of so many people. However, these stories of Black fathers and their narratives are not usually on the front pages of the newspaper or the images we see saturated on our social media feeds these days.

During this time of Covid-19 pandemic and social consciousness rising around Black life, Black Daddies Club feels that it is important that we pause and highlight these Black men while they are still with us alive, rather than mourn their lives after they have been eradicated and taken from us, which is what it has been feeling like as I watch the news or scroll through my social media that is saturated with riots, Black people dying or being brutalized. It has been hurtful in hearing and seeing these various instances where people who are not Black sharing their sentiments that Black people lives do not matter, to the point that I have to take time off social media or decide that watching the news might not be the best thing for my mental health that day.

This brings us to the importance of sharing these stories of Black fathers with their children through the ‘We are Black Fathers’ campaign, which is to bring some positive imagery around Black men and Black fathers on social media, as it feels like we could also use some more positive imagery of Black men right now. This campaign is not here to pretend or forget that Black men and Black people are not being hung, brutalized, incarcerated, etc. This project is a reminder that that Black men/ Fathers do matter, that we are loveable, that we are human and now during these times is a reminder for the importance of critical hoping for Black people more than ever before.

Join the campaign, share your stores, Black Fathers please send us an image of yourself and your family as well as the following information:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Your contact phone number
  • Best email to contact you
  • Bio (50-100 words maximum) optional 

These images will be used on Black Daddies Club website and social media.

In Solidarity,

Brandon Hay,

Founder,  The Black Daddies Club

Shea Moisture Canada partners with Black Daddies Club for Fathers Day 2020

Black Daddies Club and Shea Moisture Canada are collaborating this Fathers Day to ensure that we can give a little self care to the Black fathers who are doing a phenomenal job co-parenting or sole-parenting. We know this Fathers Day 2020 is a bit different that others prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. So we are doing a little campaign celebrating Black fathers in all of your beautifulness. We are looking for fathers to send us a photo of themselves with the caption “I am a Black Father” and we will be sharing these images on Black Daddies Club social media and we will be giving each of these fathers a care package courtesy of Shea Moisture Canada. Please send your photos to We are also giving out some products during the Fathers Day event Dadsfest that Black Daddies Club is collaborating with Young Potential Fathers with on that is taking place Saturday, June 20th 2020. The details for the event is below:

DADS FEST: A Pre-Fathers’ Day Event 

Location: Zoom –

When: Saturday, June 20, 2020

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

On Saturday June 20, 2020, Young & Potential Fathers and a collective of other Black Father-serving initiatives will be hosting DAD Fest

DAD Fest is a Pre-Father’s Day Community Online Festival, a FREE family fun event honoring fathers.

Shea Moisture Canada features Black Canadians to speak about Covid-19 and Anti-Black Racism

We have seen during this pandemic that Black men have become even more isolated during these times as many of us have lost our spaces for gathering and release such has barbershops, gyms, faith base spaces, etc. As we watch the constant anti-Black racism and violence play out on Black bodies that look like us, it has gravely impacted our mental health, but losing these gathering spaces are also impactful because these are the places that Black men would go to not feel so isolated, not to feel so alone, in these spaces we would connect with other Black men who are able to share their stories that mimic our own, and in that process, it is like finding home or respite. This pandemic is especially challenging for Black fathers who have the heart wrenching task of talking to their children about the violence that is taking place to Black people and trying to impart hope on their children when they as Black fathers may not feel hopeful themselves during these uncertain times of the pandemic. 

I had the opportunity to share my thoughts with a group of brilliant Black women on Shea Moisture Canada “Let’s Talk” virtual series on Instagram. The conversation was hosted by Karlyn Percil. You can watch the conversation below.