Finding A Partner after 40: Thank you

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the event partners of The Black Daddies Club 16th year anniversary event, Finding a Partner after 40: A Conversation with Black Folks at Evergreen Brick Works this past Saturday, November 25th 2023

We had over 200 people that attended the event throughout the night and we wouldn’t have been able to do this event without your support and presence.

Thank you to the event partners, panellists, BDC volunteers, the audience who came out and much love to the Evergreen Brick Works and AV team, the audience who attended had nothing but great things about the venue and the overall production of the event.

The event proved that there is a need for more spaces for Black folks to congregate and share their experiences with each other in a way that is honest, sincere and without the mask wearing. The other takeaway for me (as the event producer) is that there is for the topic of  healing to be more centred in these dialogues as we talk about love and finding partnership. A lot of us have been hurt and we have not fully healed from these relationships and some of us have caused hurt to past love and we have not quite forgiven ourselves around causing these hurts.


Brandon Hay, MES

Therapist-in-training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto 

Founder of the Black Daddies Club