The 2nd Annual Black Families Un-Conference registration is now open

The Black Daddies Club co-presents The Black Families Un-Conference is a three-day gathering for families who identify as Black or Racialized to take part in a camping experience for the entire family that will take place in one of Tim Hortons Camps in Ontario, at no cost to the families that attend.

The idea behind the Black Families Un-Conference is to create positive memories and experiences for these families (parents or guardians and their children) as a whole in a safe environment that they may not be able to afford. The Black Daddies Club (BDC) over the 16 years of operating in the Greater Toronto Area, has created programs which promote creating positive memorable memories within green spaces for Black families and their allies. 

This initiative is a collaboration between Justice Fund, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), Tim Hortons Camp and The Black Daddies Club (BDC). The dates and location of the Black Families Un-Conference will be at a Tim Hortons Camp in Ontario will take place on Friday, November 3rd 2023 to Sunday, November 5th, 2023

To register use the link below

We are looking forward to connecting, sharing and making new positive memories with you and your families.