Employment opportunity for Black and Racialized youth with CN Tower

Employment opportunities for Black and Racialized youth with Toronto CN Tower

Black Daddies Club is excited in sharing this great opportunity for Black and Racialized youth that is being delivered through one of our community partners Prince’s Trust Canada (PTC).

PTC has a program in partnership with the CN Tower happening next week. It’s an opportunity for youth to get full/part-time and seasonal employment. It’s a 3-day in person program that takes place at Yonge Street Mission and the CN Tower.

The program will run in-person from November 1-3, 2022. Participants must be prepared to take part in skills-building workshops as well as a tour and hiring fair at the CN Tower (290 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, Ontario). 

PTC will be at YSM Martin Centre (306 Gerrard St E) on November 1 and 2 and at the CN Tower (290 Bremner Boulevard) on November 3.

Participants must be 18-30 years old and live in the Greater Toronto area. Transportation, lunch and snacks will be provided on all three days of the program as well as additional provisions and supports as required.

To sign up, register at this link


Boys will be..themselves documentary featuring Brandon Hay, available on CBC Gem (October 7th)

Boys Will Be…Themselves. The 44-minute film is a documentary about the way parents, teachers, coaches, peers, and media are raising the men of the 21st Century. The Documentary represents a wide-ranging array of experiences, to paint a nuanced portrait of how our understanding of masculinity is shifting and changing across Canada. The documentary asks some poignant questions, such as, How have the expectations around masculinity changed in our lifetime already, and where do we go from here?

Brandon Hay, founder of Black Daddies Club was interviewed at the iconic Onyx Barbershop in Toronto, to give his thoughts around Black masculinities and the work Black Daddies Club has been doing over the past 15 years to create spaces for various entry points into Black masculinities.

Watch the trailer here.

Boys Will Be…Themselves will be available to stream for free on CBC Gem as of October 7th, 2022 (TOMORROW!) You can follow @boyswillbethemselves on Instagram to keep up with news about the doc.

Black Families Un-Conference officially at capacity for both weekends; A waiting list has begun for the events

Thank you for your interest in the Black Families Un-Conference. Please note due to high interest from families in Toronto, we have reached capacity for both October (28th-30th) and November (4th-6th) dates. We have begun a waiting list for those who are interested and we strongly recommend that you register, as we will be drawing from this list should families drop out or if additional spots/ or dates are made available.

Register link below for the Black Families Un-Conference:


Much love and gratitude to all those individuals who have shared this initiative with your networks and to the families who have already registered for these events.

This overwhelming positive response speaks to the need for Black and Racialized families to connect with each other and create positive memories together in green spaces in Canada.

Many thanks to this Black Families Un-Conference partners Justice Fund, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and Tim Hortons Camp, this opportunity for the countless families signed up would not be possible without your partnering with the Black Daddies Club to make this happen.

For all the families who have registered, a one page document will be sent to you after the deadline for The Black Families Un-Conference (October 13th, 2022 at 4pm). The one pager will include more details for your preparation for the Black Families Un-conference.

Black Families Un-Conference adds second date due to overwhelming response from Families in Toronto

The Black Families Un-Conference, has received overwhelming positive response from Families across Toronto, we have reached capacity for the October Friday 28-Sunday October 30th dates and we have added a second set of dates for Friday November 4th- Sunday November 6th.

We will begin a waiting list after we have reached capacity for the November dates  for those who are interested in attending the Black Families Un-conference and we strongly recommend that you do continue to register, as we will be drawing from this list should families drop out or if additional spots/ or dates are made available.

What is the Black Families Un-Conference?

The Black Families Un-Conference is a three-day gathering for families who identify as Black or Racialized to take part in a camping experience for the entire family that will take place in one of Tim Hortons Camps in Ontario, at no cost to the families that attend.. The idea behind the Black Families Un-Conference is to create positive memories and experiences for these families (parents or guardians and their children) as a whole in a safe environment that they may not be able to afford. This initiative is a collaboration with Justice Fund, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), Tim Hortons Camp and the Black Daddies Club.

To register for the November 4th-6th dates, please use this link https://timscamps.typeform.com/to/TIbEkWfS?typeform-source=theblackdaddiesclub.com, please register before deadline of October 13th 2022 to avoid disappointment.


(Gender Pronoun: He/ Him)

Brandon Hay, MES


(Business); Social Impact, Social Enterprise, & Sustainability

Founder-Black Daddies Club

Therapist-in-Training at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto