The Black Families Investment Club: Barbershop Financial Community Forums

The Black Daddies Club (BDC) co-presents The Black Families Investment Club: Barbershop Financial Community Forums, on Tuesday, July 26th 2022, 6pm-8pm at Onyx Barbers (90 Adelaide St E, Toronto), this is a free in-person community event.

This barbershop community forum will look at what financial strategies Black and racialized families are currently using to stay afloat during these challenging times. There will be guest speakers offering various strategies that families can use in their homes.

There will be two-parts to this barbershop event:

Black Families Investment Club with BitBuy

Bitbuy has collaborated with BDC to co-create a cryptocurrency financial tool for Black and racialized families to gain income, while they invest and share the tool with other folks in their networks. A representative from Bitbuy will be discussing more about this financial tool during the first part of the event.  To find out more about Bitbuy and their services check out their website at this link

Financial Strategies for Black Families’ Barbershop Forum with Alterna Savings

Alterna Savings has collaborated with BDC for this grassroots barbershop forum to engage Black and racialized families, who are interested in having a discussion around what financial strategies can our families use to manage our financial resources during these times of high inflation for daily living costs.

To find out more about Alterna Savings and their services check out their website at this link

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Why the barbershop?

Black Daddies Club (BDC) returns to their roots by collaborating with Onyx Barbers, who BDC collaborated with 15 years ago in 2007 to do our first barbershop sessions. In 2022, we decided to collaborate again for these financial series, as we have seen in research and our own experience over 15 years that barbershop works for community engagement specifically for Black men and Black fathers, because these barbershop spaces normalize the idea of Black men speaking and communicating with each other and it’s a place where we can practice being comfortable being vulnerable and honest in our dialogues with each other.