Sunday Dinners (April 2021) edition registration is now live

What are Black Men saying about Black Daddies Club co-presents Sunday Dinner Monthly online gatherings?

  • “FJ”: Love the space. Keep providing the opportunities for us Black men to connect…
  • “MB”: We should continue this and have a space where men can be vulnerable and connect with each other. Keep it going and am looking forward to meeting in person and keep this going
  • “FC” (São Paulo – Brazil): I loved the plurality of this meeting and also the dynamic. Was a great challenge.
  • “DS”: I like the one to one break out room discussions.
  • “LL”: I like how welcoming it is and connecting with other black men
  • “DS”: I like the diversity of the men in the group.
  • “J”: I like access to true and transparent conversations.
  • “PJ”: It is great to hear the different views, ideas and perspectives. No judgement, just support and love expressed by being vulnerable.
  • “Q”: Such a beautiful space. Grateful to have been a part of this.
  • TKO (He/Him/They) 🇨🇦: I love most about this space is the coming together of Black men.
  • PRH (England): Listening to the brothers and actually feeling their pain.  Being black is not only a privilege but also a blessing. Being able to associate with things that may have happened in my past or what I’m currently going through is quality which I have no doubt will grow…

(Feedback from various men who have attended Black Daddies Club Sunday Dinners between November 2020 to March 2021)

The next Black Daddies Club, co-presents Sunday Dinners online monthly gatherings for Black men, will take place on Sunday, April 25th, 2021 at 5pm to 7:30pm. The theme for this month session will be around the question: “What did you learn about sex as a child or teenager that has informed how have engaged with sexuality as an adult?”.

The need for communal spaces for Black men from various entry points to connect with other Black men is something needed and desired by Black men globally. The Black Daddies Club co-presents Sunday Dinner monthly virtual gathering has validated this idea as we have seen the attendance of Black men from Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, California, Brazil and England over the past few months. These Black men have been able to bring in their plurality and their multiplicities as Black men, whether they are straight, gay, trans-men, bi-sexual or along the binary; these men have been able to bring themselves into the space and in doing so, Black men in this space are learning from each other as well as teaching each other about their lived experiences.

Visit here to register on Eventbrite for the next Sunday Dinner online gathering, taking place on Sunday April 26th 2021 from 5pm to 730pm. The event is free to ensure that the space is accessible to all those who could potentially find the space supportive can access it.

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