Ryerson University and Black Daddies Club co-presents “Returning Home” Online discussions

Greetings and Salutations, Community members 

Ryerson University WeSpeak research project and The Black Daddies Club have collaborated again to create the following virtual spaces for Black men.

You are invited to a two-part discussion for Black men entitled “Returning Home”. The conversation will take place on Zoom and we will be offering free registration for these events, space will be limited and will go quickly. 

Please see details below and share with your network.

How can we as Black men find a space for respite within ourselves as well as tap into other Black men, family and friends, and the broader community for support? Returning Home asks these questions. Centered on love, compassionate relationship building, and solidarity, we will also discuss community resources needed to support Black men’s general wellbeing.

Purpose of events:

Co-creating spaces for self-identifying Black men to talk about health, masculinities, and individual and community wellbeing, COVID-19 and beyond.

Event one:  The Gathering Place


Friday July 17th 2020

6pm to 8pm


This event focuses on Black men “returning home within ourselves”.

Event two: “Sharing. Feeling. Caring”

Date: Friday July 31st 2020

6pm to 8pm


This second event builds on the inward focus of the first event. Event two explores Black men “returning home with others”:

Goal of the events

Returning home centers love, compassionate relationship building, and solidarity. Also, what community resources are needed to support Black men’s general wellbeing?

Register below for one or both events


Thank you in advance,

Brandon Hay (MES, Business)

Founder of The Black Daddies Club