Ryerson University and Black Daddies Club collaborates for Returning Home: An Online Discussion series for Black Men (July 2020)

Ryerson University (WeSpeak Research project) and Black Daddies Club collaborates for the second time in 2020 for “Returning Home: Online conversations for Black men (Summer edition)

Where are Black men going to process and digest the pain and uncertainty that has come up for a lot of folks during this Covid-19 pandemic?  

A lot of our places of congregation such as gyms, barbershops, places of worship has been closed and for a lot of us these places are our non-traditional therapeutic spaces where we go to heal. During this pandemic, a lot of us have lost these spaces where as Black men we could be intimate with other Black men with our stories and our experiences and not feel isolated. However, I recognized one of my strategies for coping during the Covid-19 pandemic was to numb myself and not give the opportunity to feel the pain that was seeping-in (regardless how much I tried not to feel it) over the weeks and months as there was a multitude of images online showing violence being placed on Black and Indigenous bodies around North America. 

Returning Home online discussions are follow up dialogues to the Black Men Speaking their Truths discussions, A three part series which was held in Toronto during the months January, February and March 2020. Returning Home summer discussion series will be held in the month of July 2020, here are the descriptions of the two discussions, hope you will be able to join the dialogue or tell a Black man who could benefit from the dialogue.

1st Dialogue Description: Finding home within ourselves

This event focuses on Black men “finding home within ourselves”. The themes that will be discussed here deal with men’s individual coping strategies including feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and actions. 

We will explore how we can promote and maintain our good best possible health and well-being regardless of current circumstances.

2nd Dialogue Description: Finding home with others

While the first event looks inwards, this one explores Black men “finding home with others”. Particularly, with other Black men, family and friends, and the broader community centered on love, compassionate relationship building, and solidarity. 

Also, what community resources are needed to support Black men’s general wellbeing?

Keep posted for more information in the coming weeks.