Shea Moisture Canada features Black Canadians to speak about Covid-19 and Anti-Black Racism

We have seen during this pandemic that Black men have become even more isolated during these times as many of us have lost our spaces for gathering and release such has barbershops, gyms, faith base spaces, etc. As we watch the constant anti-Black racism and violence play out on Black bodies that look like us, it has gravely impacted our mental health, but losing these gathering spaces are also impactful because these are the places that Black men would go to not feel so isolated, not to feel so alone, in these spaces we would connect with other Black men who are able to share their stories that mimic our own, and in that process, it is like finding home or respite. This pandemic is especially challenging for Black fathers who have the heart wrenching task of talking to their children about the violence that is taking place to Black people and trying to impart hope on their children when they as Black fathers may not feel hopeful themselves during these uncertain times of the pandemic. 

I had the opportunity to share my thoughts with a group of brilliant Black women on Shea Moisture Canada “Let’s Talk” virtual series on Instagram. The conversation was hosted by Karlyn Percil. You can watch the conversation below.