Happy Fathers Day from Black Daddies Club

Greetings All,

As Fathers- Day approaches, it is fitting that we at Black Daddies Club hail up the Black fathers who are out there making a constant change in the stereotypes that Black fathers are not engaged parents. To all the Black Fathers out there that are employed or unemployed, incarcerated or free out here in society, or those that might be dealing Children Aid Society or Family courts trying to be there for your children, we see you and your children see you as well as appreciate your efforts. Please remember that each of you matter and you are not alone. 

To the Black fathers who are either straight, disabled, LGBTQ2S+, mixed race, etc. making a difference in your children lives, thank you for your presence.

To the Black mothers and guardians that maybe holding down single parent households, thank you for doing the best that you can, your children appreciate your efforts even if they do not yet have the language or quite know the enormity of your efforts as yet, we appreciate and love each of you.

Have a dope and special Fathers Day