The Good Guise collaborates with the Black Daddies Club for “Loving Accountability” outdoor art installation


Loving Accountability | November 19 – December 3 | Trinity in the Square (outdoors)

The Good Guise Present – Future Ancestors: From Care to Accountability

During these times of multiple pandemics, the Good Guise looked through their personal and community histories for inspiration and solace. We began at Eglinton West with the recognition that to become Future Ancestors, we would have to first learn to care for ourselves, our survival, and that of our communities. Our second installation brings you an immersive audiovisual experience that weaves together poetry and photo/videography by Jah Grey, Mosheh I – Tree Herdsman, Bidemi Oloyede and Mobólúwajídìde (Bo) Joseph with contributions from the larger Good Guise.

We have been harmed, we ourselves also have harmed. What does it then mean to be accountable to ourselves and to others in this dual reality? This installation invites you to immerse yourselves in our reflections as we approach this question from a position of self and communal care. We ask what it means to love and practice loving accountability as future ancestors rooted in community. While we don’t yet have the answers, we hope this can be a starting point for others asking similar questions.

Making With Place is SKETCH’s first series of public art projects in which artists consider the complexities of place while engaging with communities in thoughtful community-engaged design and production processes. Making with Place is part of ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021 – 2022, and funded by the Government of Canada, The City of Toronto, and Canada Council for the Arts.


Our public events will have ASL interpretation available. This site does have a step which renders part of the installation inaccessible, but still viewable to folks in mobility devices. Video and sound elements will be present.

This outdoor in-person event will takes place on Friday, December 3rd, 2021, from 5pm to 6pm at Trinity in the Square (outdoors) behind Toronto Eaton Centre Mall, Downtown, Toronto

This is event is free to the public


On Wednesday, December 8th 2021 at 7pm on huevoices podcast on Facebook Live, social worker Jermel,Gilliam, Brandon Hay, Founder Black Daddies Club, and James Collins, host of A Dad’s Thing Podcast, will join Bobby Marvin Holmes (Social Worker and Founder of Son of a Dream) to discuss Black fatherhood and John Henryism. Be sure to log on to our Facebook page to join the conversation. Also be sure to subscribe to huevoices podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  As always, thank you for your support. 

Listen to the Huevoices podcast

York University Collaborates with the Black Daddies Club, Mid-Career Conversations: Becoming a working parent: A father’s perspective

Mid-Career Conversations were created with York University alumni in mind — alumni who have several years’ experience and are now considering (or have already made) an important transition.

Each event will focus on a specific mid-career transition and feature a fellow alumni speaker sharing their own personal story and experiences. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and then move into virtual breakout rooms to discuss your own unique situations and ambitions.

Please join us on Thursday, December 9, 2021 as Brandon Hay (MES ’16) will share his experience of:

• Parenting strategies and challenges
• Cultivating community support
• Creating a network support group
• Balancing career and family
• Co-parenting
• Fatherhood

Register below–gpzotGNNceDNvUqHyuCLjhR5oeVXI

Sunday Dinners: A Place for Honesty and Vulnerability Between Black Men

“There is something powerful, hearing your thoughts echoed by another Black man.”

  • P.J. (He/ Him) Toronto, Canada

For so many Black men, wearing masks and concealing our true emotions has been a strategy for survival in our everyday existence, especially in spaces where Black men are less populated such as workplaces, academia, etc.  In these spaces, I have found myself building up courage to speak or inject my views into the dialogues and share my experiences, and sometimes feeling like an alien after I have spoken.

So, it is refreshing to be in spaces such as barbershops where we as Black men can share our feelings or insights unapologetically and for those thoughts to resonate with other Black men in the space. However, we have also had the experience of Black barbershops also being a place machismo and toxic masculinity that keeps many Black men from sharing our true vulnerable emotions in those spaces.

Sunday Dinners: monthly gatherings for Black men have been a place where we are co-creating something different, a new reality for Black men, a place where we are able to flex and strengthen these muscles around showing our vulnerable side with other Black men.

October 31st, 2021, we held our first Sunday Dinner of the new fall season and the conversations was a reminder of the beautiful experience that happens when Black men do not have to be guarded when we speak. Since we took a break for the summer months, so that men could focus on spending time with their families or spend time outside in nature. I found myself missing the Sunday Dinner dialogues, it is a space for me to connect with other Black men and for us to be a sounding board for one another. There is a something beautiful about how connecting with other Black men, gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves as Black men individually, reminding us that we are not alone in this journey called life, a reminder that we are not alone as Black men who are on our journey’s finding home within ourselves.

Join the next Black Daddies Club co-presents Sunday Dinners gatherings for Black men on Sunday, November 28th 2021 from 5pm to 8pm (Est), register at Eventbrite to book your tickets.


The Black Daddies Club co-presents Sunday Dinners, monthly online gathering for Black men, takes place on the last Sunday of every month on the Zoom platform. The Sunday Dinners gatherings are for Black men in all of our entry points; heterosexual, LGBTQ2S+, Living with a disability, etc., if you identify as a Black man, then the Sunday Dinners space welcomes you. The next Sunday Dinners Session will take place on Sunday, October 31st 2021, from 5pm to 8pm, register at this link

The next Sunday Dinners Session will take place on Sunday, October 31st 2021, from 5pm to 8pm. There is no cost to enter the space, the only admission requirement is open mind and positive vibes

Register for the session at this Eventbrite link

Carleton University partners with the Black Daddies Club for Barbershop discussion event around Black men and Prison industry Complex in Canada

Live from Toronto, Ottawa & Winnipeg

Barbershop Talks Series 

Black Men and Misconceptions Presents 

Black young men: Locked up 

This session will focus on the realities & experiences of young black men with the Canadian prison system. When: Friday, November 19th, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM-9:30 PM (EST) 6:00 PM-8:30 PM (WINNIPEG)
Toronto – Stubz Hair Studio
Winnipeg – Roots Salon (Central Time Zone)
Ottawa – The Rite Cut
The first 5 Black men to register for in-person spots will be eligible for a FREE HAIR CUT!
In 2004, African American singer Akon wrote and produced the “street anthem” “Locked Up.” Despite that the song was released in the United States, it achieved a top 10 Billboard ranking. The song was also a Billboard success ranging in the top 10 in France, Germany, and Canada. The tune depicted Akon’s lived experiences in the United States’ prison system as a marginalized young Black man. He sings about his encounters with police leading to his arrests and about the prison system keeping him behind bars. Considering the success of Akon’s Billboard hit song, his once lived experience is, and continues to be, a reality for marginalized young Black men to this day in Canada.  

On Friday, November 19th, 2021, The Barbershop Talks series will host a two-hour Zoom-casted/in-person (limited guests) event in local barbershops in Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa. Yes, folks, all on the same day at the same respective times (EST & CDT). These events create space for young Black men to share in a supportive environment. Community members will be encouraged to imagine and strive to understand their realities and experiences with the Canadian prison system. This event encourages an “uncomfortable to get comfortable” dialogue, asking difficult questions and encouraging widespread participation. The aim is to arrive at strategies that would eliminate the need for segregation and support a successful transition from prison to community and family for Black men and boys currently exiting Canadian detention centres and prisons.  

In-person Barbershop Gatherings Small groups of Black men and boys will be invited to receive free haircuts while listening to special guests and participating in the discussion. Locations: Toronto – Stubz Hair Studio (Moderated by Dr. Tamari Katossa) Winnipeg – Roots Salon (Moderated by Warren Clarke) Ottawa – The Rite Cut (Moderated by Arnold Tabaro) Zoom – Live from all 3 cities

Prison Industrial Complex and Black Men in Canada

What can be done to prevent incarceration and social segregation and to meaningfully intervene in the lives of those at risk of involvement or already involved in illegal activities? How can we support Black men and boys who are released from prison or detention find ways to thrive and avoid both police involvement and return to lock up? In Canada’s major urban areas, marginalized Black men and boys continue to be disproportionately carded, racially profiled, arrested, denied bail, and incarcerated. Burdened with criminal records and often resorting to gang involvement merely to survive the prison experience (or worse, deported to countries where their lives can be taken with impunity), Canadian criminal law simply does not protect them. Where is the political will to support evidence-based prevention programming and to divert funding from organizations that practice suppression and segregation? 

Providing segregation (rather than preventative supports that improve the social conditions in which Black families live), the Canadian justice system punishes rather than restores and works to amplify and limit employment opportunities. The system sets former inmates up to fail, prohibiting access to accommodation and education and intensifying insecurity and poverty. Without other options, many Black men and boys must endure the humiliation of scavenging on the margins of society, never really becoming community-integrated, and never receiving the assistance with basic human needs, or trauma-informed mental health care, that they require. Impoverished Black men and boys are significantly overrepresented in the official crime statistics in relation to offending and victimization – and even those who avoid police involvement must negotiate the violence in their communities. As many as 3/4 of those released from lock-up re-offend within three years of release, creating a revolving door of incarceration and failure to thrive in the community. This severely destabilizes Black families and poor communities. With 94% of all Black people in Canada’s penitentiaries being men, the impact on Black families and communities is immense and devastating.

Details for the event

When: Friday, November  17th, 2021 


  • Toronto – Stubz Hair Studio
  • Winnipeg – Roots Salon (Central Time Zone)
  • Ottawa – The Rite Cut
  • The first 5 Black men to register for in-person spots will be eligible for a FREE HAIR CUT!

Zoom Technologies

Time: 7:00 PM-9:30 PM EST. 

Please know the Barbershop Talk Series holds space for all our guests to be vulnerable to discuss and to share their lived experiences.

This event is open to all Canadian, new Canadian and residing Canadian community members who wish to learn and share, with a warning that explicit violence will be discussed, which may be triggering for some. This event employs Zoom to reach locals and those outside of Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa communities. 

In-person Barbershop Gatherings 

Small groups of Black men and boys will be invited to receive free haircuts while listening to special guests and participating in the discussion.

(Register for this event on EventBrite)


7:00PM to 7:10 PM EST 

Greeting and welcome audience  

Land acknowledgement Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa 

What is the Barbershop Talk Series? 

Introduce the featured speakers  

The Discussion 

7:10PM to 8:10 PM  

An in-depth conversation with the featured guests while in-person participants receive haircuts.  

During the conversation, the online audience is restricted to typing questions and comments or chatting. The in-person audience will be able to join the  

conversation, speaking at their discretion.  

Everyone Participates  

8:10 PM to 9:15 EST

The conversation will open up to the audience, asking questions and encouraging participants to add value to the discussion. 

Giveaways – 3 pairs of Jordan 1’s, one shoes will be given away in each location (see attachment)

Online Survey – Feedback  


The event concludes promptly 9:30 PM EST 

One pair of Air Jordans (1) will be given out at each location

Sunday Dinners: Online Gatherings for Black men (returns – October 31st)

The Black Daddies Club co-presents Sunday Dinners, monthly online gathering for Black men, takes place on the last Sunday of every month on the Zoom platform. The Sunday Dinners gatherings are for Black men in all of our entry points; heterosexual, LGBTQ2S+, Living with a disability, etc., if you identify as a Black man, then the Sunday Dinners space welcomes you.

The next Sunday Dinners Session will take place on Sunday, October 31st 2021, from 5pm to 8pm.

Register for the session at the Eventbrite link below

Looking forward to reconnecting with you Black men.

ARE YOU BEING GENTLE WITH YOUR MENTAL Podcast, speaks to Black Daddies Club about the importance of spaces for Black men Men

Are you Gentle with your Mental Podcast hosted by Jessthabess based in California, USA. with guest Brandon Hay, Founder of the Black Daddies Club based in Toronto, Canada.

In April 20, 2021, I was invited on the “Are You Being Gentle with Your Mental? podcast hosted and founded by Jessthebess who is based in California, United States. The conversation spoke about Black Daddies Club and the importance of co-creating dialogical spaces with Black men and Black fathers to congregate and support each other in our healings.

More about the ARE YOU BEING GENTLE WITH YOUR MENTAL?podcast, link to the episode and others below:

It is clear now more than ever that we need to check in with ourselves and each other. We are facing new challenges daily. So let’s take a mindful moment and dive deep with Mindfulness Coach Jessthabess as she keeps it real through storytelling of experiences & knowledge gained from her journey. This podcast will feature local and national influencers to share their experiences to provide insight and inspire others. Stay connected with us on IG @_jessbeu and send any questions you might want her to answer at jbujessicab@gmail.

Watch the video on You Tube below

listen to the podcast below

Barbershop Talk Series: Recognizing The Harms Of Normalizing The Absent Black Father

On July 31st, 2021, ACMP is hosting a special event where audience members are invited to discuss their thoughts regarding the stereotypical notions of the absent Black father. This event will focus on how normalizing this myth of Black fatherhood is dangerous to Black families and communities and has significantly impacted Black youth. The event encourages participants to share their experiences and think about ways we can dispel the normalization of the myth of the absent Black father to more complicated ways that non-resident, residents and Other fathers engage in parenting and contribute to their families and communities.  

This event will encourage participants to engage online (Zoom) and in-person (limited spaces available). If you are in the Toronto area and want to join the conversation in person, please know we have 20 available spots. We will be offering the first 10 people who register and attend free haircuts*!

**When you register, we will provide you with the address of the location.**

*Note: haircuts available only to in-person participants in Scarborough, Ontario at the location of the event – Saturday Life Barbershop 

Follow on IG – @Saturdaylifebarbershop


Please register for your FREE ticket by clicking the link below.

When: July 31st, 2021 

Where: Saturday Life Barbershop (Scarborough, Ontario) / Zoom

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

Where:  Zoom / Semi-In Person (Limited spots available)

This event keeps in mind that “fatherhood” at times omits Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) father’s lived experiences and silences the emotional lives of ACB fathers. We purposely open this space to acknowledge, appreciate, honour and recognize ACB fathers.  Through our guests and participants’ unique and valuable experiences, we will explore what Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) Fatherhood means. 

This event is open to all Canadian community members to learn and share thoughts on the role of fathers in the ACB community. We encourage students from high school to all levels of post-secondary institutions to attend. 

**FREE Giveaways**

Ethos Beard Grooming Kits


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